6 The Green will be showing work by artist, John Hunt.



John Hunt has spent a lifetime exploring the use of oils in producing abstracts which reflect his personal interpretation of the landscape around him.  He has a particular fascination with trees and nature.  Much of his work reflects the East Anglian landscape in which he lives, and he has recently found inspiration in the coast, beach, and fishing fleet in Hastings.

John Hunt 6 The Green Coastal CurrentsJohn Hunt 6 The Green Coastal Currents St Leonards

” I like painting abstracts because it gives me the freedom to express my feelings without the restrictions of traditional methods it opens up a whole new world of colour, texture and form. Paintings for me are also a matter of design so the finished picture has a balance and structure which is not only pleasing to the viewer but also provocative and dramatic.”

Lately John has been using found objects as well as paint to create  mixed media collages to examine and express his personality – as he puts it, ‘impetuosity and impatience swirl underneath’.


Collage John Hunt Artist Coastal Currents 6 The Green

After many years living in the Essex countryside John moved to Suffolk and undertook the restoration of an Elizabethan farmhouse situated in the Waveney Valley. The house is open for organised tours around the house and gardens throughout the year through Invitation To View.



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