Built between 1900 and 1903 6 The Green was a new home for Mr and Mrs Pinnell in their retirement. By the 1930s the Muellers had purchased the house as their seaside residence.

6 The Green St Leonards Census 1911

It remained their home until the 1970s. It was this decade that saw Mr and Mrs Wong move in after a short period they made an application to turn the property into a home for old people. By 1976 it was converted into a home for the elderly. As the years went by the original character of the property was eroded by necessity and functionality. By 2015 it was left vacant and had an uncertain future. It was threatened with the wrecking ball. Or, it was an opportunity for a transformation for anyone willing to take it on!



6 The Green Coastal Currents

It was January 2016 when the transformation started. To become a home again yes, but also to open it’s doors to the creative spirit of St Leonards. It has let the atmosphere of this unique area wash through it and comes to life with the work of artists from near and far. We are very grateful for their unique works which have now taken up residence.

6 The Green Coastal Currents


It is a joyful thing to see the rooms filled again with the light as the false walls come down and the original character is revealed. We still have a long way to go but I think the journey will be enjoyable.

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